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Nintendo's Most Popular Characters Are In Danger Because Someone Asked The President The Wrong Question

Nintendo's Most Popular Characters Are In Danger Because Someone Asked The President The Wrong Question

The “inappropriate” use of characters by video game developer Nintendo may soon come to an end. Nintendo's president was asked at an investor conference how he found the Nintendo brand to be being used “inappropriately.”

That was the question: At Nintendo's 84th Annual Investor Conference, the 15th question asked in the open shareholder Q&A session was as follows (via Nintendo):

I understand that Nintendo sees itself as a company that He wants to put a smile on the faces of everyone he touches. Unfortunately, I occasionally come across instances on social media where Nintendo IP and games are being used inappropriately. I believe this type of behavior risks damaging the value of Nintendo's IP and I would like to know how you handle such cases.

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Nintendo President Announces Appropriate Measures

This was the president's response: The president said he did not want to get into individual cases, but “appropriate action must be taken” against such behaviour.

It is important to create an environment where everyone can enjoy gaming. Therefore, “every effort” will be made to combat what should make people uncomfortable. And not just with gaming, but with everything Nintendo.

Inappropriate content Nintendo can be great sometimes.

What do you mean by that? with Inappropriate content This refers to the explicitly sexual versions of Nintendo game characters that can be found on social media, called fan fiction.

There are always pictures of Princess Peach being seen in skimpy clothing. It's clear that Peach isn't just driving Bowser crazy.

Worst case scenario, that could mean a 10-year-old video from the movie “Egoraptor” in which Luigi sings about his love for Princess Peach and contains silly Mario references. In the video, the plumber, among other things, displays his “pastrami,” and Peach has to think about which mustache she wants to ride.

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The video has been viewed 60 million times.

The last time there was public discussion about Princess Peach being attracted to everyone's favorite frog king, Bowser, was during the Super Mario Bros. movie. Jack Black had the song named after Bowser. Peach He sang it with such passion that many people immediately took it to their hearts. But the song had some difficult undertones: The song in the new Super Mario movie stirs controversy over the poisonous turtle — which is intended to normalize macho behavior.

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