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Nissan Qashqai 4x4 - Sovereign on the road...

Nissan Qashqai 4×4 – Sovereign on the road…

The Qashqai is a very important car for Nissan. cash cow. Without the crossover bestseller, the Japanese would almost certainly have a big problem …

The third generation has been around for quite some time. A targeted evolution, not a revolution – and we think that’s a pretty good thing! You can now order the 4.43-meter 5-door model with intelligent all-wheel drive.

“Our new all-wheel drive system is straightforward, powerful and efficient!” Michael Kogos, Country Director, Nissan Austria

Instead of an electromechanical clutch, the new all-wheel drive system has a direct clutch. This ensures a much faster transfer of engine torque to the rear axle if required. The time for the system to intervene when slip occurs has been reduced by a factor of five to about twenty of a second. How the force is distributed between the front and rear axles is affected by the driver’s choice of drive mode.

There are five modes to choose from: Standard (for a balanced combination of comfort, performance and economy), Eco (for particularly efficient driving), Sport (for performance-oriented driving), Snow (for driving on snow and ice) and Off-Road (for driving in muddy or rocky fields). and forest trails). The system regulates not only the distribution of drive torque between the axles, but also the response of the throttle, the power steering and transmission characteristics of the automatic transmission.

By the way, the Qashqai 4×4 is available only with an automatic transmission called Xtronic (CVT, simulating gear stages) – and only 158 hp (light hybrid gasoline engine, diesel already sorted).