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No heat wave, but 30 degrees: Germany is allowed a sweat on Mother’s Day – meteorology

It looks really good for next weekend. A summer day awaits us and we could possibly reach 30 degrees. But until the heat comes, it will be damp, windy and cold again.

On Wednesday and Thursday, May does not show itself in its most beautiful aspects. Storm Eugene covers the north with rain, winds and thunderstorms. The peak winds in the north reach 80 km / h, and strong gusts of up to 100 km / h are possible near thunderstorms. It is raining heavily in the south.

It might start out pretty cold

But on Wednesday afternoon, the weather calms down but remains very cold for May. Maximum values ​​range from 7 to 13 degrees, with the exception of two-digit values.

The weather will be a little better on Thursday, but the spring-like warmth still doesn’t want to go in. In the north, wind speeds decrease during the day and rain is also significantly lower. In the middle there could still be a few showers, but other than that, the sun often shines in the cool air of the Arctic Sea. The maximum values ​​have not changed yet. More than 13 degrees are not expected on Thursday and the exception remains.

Up to 50 liters of rain before the weekend

To make matters worse, Teve Gregor got up in the south. Gregor is what’s called a little depression, at first little more than a forward wave coming from France. These areas of low pressure are always very rainy. So they reach average rainfall of 50 liters per square meter by the end of the week.

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But a new low storm, which will likely have the name Hubertus, brings us a temperature jump of 20 degrees at the end of the week.

Comes warm air on Saturday

Until Friday, it remains unstable and rainy at times. On Saturday night, the southern wind finally blows. A strong warm air bubble covers all of Germany. It still rains on Saturday, especially in the west and later in the north, but the temperatures are increasing. The temperatures spread from 12 to 15 degrees on Saturdays.

On Mother’s Day we have the best weather. The maximum values ​​ u200b u200bof the upper Rhine and at the foot of the Alps reach 30 °. Across the country, the values ​​are as high as 20 to 25 degrees. It will be a real summer day. In the northwest it can rain again, otherwise it remains dry. It will be a day to enjoy.

This gives you enough time to pursue your favorite summer activities: So put sunscreen on your skin, put on your hat, then apply ice cream or a picnic. It’s also time to take the grill out of the basement – or buy a new one if needed.

The trembling game ends after Ice Saints

In the new week it will be exciting. Because already on Monday, the air will be colder in the west. It is becoming increasingly evident that a thunderstorm is looming after a lovely weekend. In the east, it will stay warm to hot until Tuesday, before temperatures dip again.

But there’s more good news from weather models. Cold weather continues through to Ice Saints, but then begins drastic warming across the North Atlantic. After that it will be much warmer in Germany and no longer cold air. So warm spring is coming. Perhaps meteorologists call this summer effect, because the beginning of summer meteorologists is already the first of June. So it didn’t take long for him to finally get warm.

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and what? Expected weather condition

Storm Eugene continues to rage on Wednesday. The aircraft is flying unfavorably over Germany, and thus there are organized thunderstorms with the possibility of severe weather in central Germany. The cold weather continues until the end of the week, before Tief Fürchtegott lets the temperatures rise to 30 degrees:

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Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you want to surprise your mom with a cake, find a simple recipe here. The cake has a loose texture, has a slightly lemon flavor, and can be decorated individually: