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Hail the size of ping-pong balls: where there was lightning and thunder

Hail the size of ping-pong balls: where there was lightning and thunder

A storm front is moving across Austria, roads are flooded in many federal states, hail is falling, and winds peak at 100 km/h. The storm also reached Vienna.

Weather Services Alert Hours: Sunrise Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Thunderstorm and hail down Austria. The front has been moving east from the western federal states since Wednesday afternoon. In many places, heavy rain overflows the sewage system, and hail sometimes becomes the size of table tennis balls.

The storm center reported storms in Carinthia, in the Villach region there is the highest level Severe weather warning level. Heavy thunderstorms are also expected in Lower Austria, Winviertel and the Puchberg im Schneeberg region. Even earlier it started in Tyrol, for example in Telfs and Schwaze. There was also a slope there, and the pieces of ice were up to three centimeters in size.

It must also be particularly violent in Styria. The diameter of the hail also reached three centimeters in the upper valley of Moore. The area around Spielberg and Murau was affected. These photos were taken in Krieglach im Mürztal and in the Fischbach district of Styria:

Light thunderstorm in Vienna

Around 8:30 pm, local rain and thunderstorms developed around Vienna. The thunderstorm over Vienna was weak around 9 pm: light rain and lightning were recorded.

Wind peaks are over 100 km/h

Storms will accompany rain and hail. Hurricane-like winds of up to 104 kilometers per hour were measured in Laa an der Thaya, in the late afternoon winds blew in Millstatt at 96 km/h, and peak winds in Retz reached 87 km/h.

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Tens of thousands of flashes

The fact that thunderstorms are particularly violent because of the extreme heat can also be seen by the number of lightning strikes. By 9 pm, more than 63,500 discharges had been measured, most of them in Styria. As early as 5 p.m., more than 20,000 lightning strikes were counted over Austria, as reported by And the owner of the lightning heavy rain. In Hochzirl near Innsbruck, 19 liters of water per square meter fell from the sky in just 10 minutes. In Zwettl, 20 liters per square meter was measured in half an hour.

how PULS 24 meteorologist Manuel Kelemen He explains that it is the intense heat that causes particularly violent storms. Josefer Austria The second-highest thunderstorm warning level was declared for Wednesday and Thursday.

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