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No one wants to finance a Jennifer Lopez musical

No one wants to finance a Jennifer Lopez musical

At the same time as the release of her new album “This is Me… Now: A Love Story,” Jennifer Lopez is also releasing a kind of visual album of songs. What was supposed to be an artistic adaptation of their love story, ended up being nothing more than 65 minutes of frustration for us.

We still can't look away!

Jennifer Lopez releases the song “This is Me… Now: A Love Story”

We're actually J.Lo beauties. At least decorate it first cover of miss, He was the star of our 20th Anniversary Edition and anyone who scrolls through online will always find articles about J.Lo JLo effect Their various appearances and professional achievements. But as the saying goes: you also have to be able to criticize your idols! And the 54-year-old has given us the perfect example of that. Because at the same time her New album “This is me… now” (A sequel to her successful album “This is Me…then”) Jennifer Lopez also wanted to release a musical film that reflects the content of the songs. The result: “This Is Me…Now: A Love Story.”

The idea behind this is not at all new to pop fans. Perhaps one of the most famous examples in recent years Beyonce Lemonade”, Which as a “visual album” in 2016 sparked a lot of enthusiasm and euphoria. A feat that Jennifer might have been thinking about when she was working on her own photos. In advance, the singer promised in the official description a cinematic spectacle that should be “cross-genre” and include “gorgeous costumes, breathtaking choreography, and top-notch concerts.” In terms of content it appears “Lopez's Journey to Love” Which she tells from her point of view. The focus is on music from her new album of the same name, which she released through… The renewed relationship with Ben Affleck inspired had become. So I set the bar relatively high up front.

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What exactly do you want to tell us?

Of course we couldn't miss it. And you can give J.Lo one thing: she created a scene. But maybe not the way you want. Because “this is me…now” it is One festival. And every second. Jennifer Lopez wanted to follow her path as a “hopeless romantic” in the one-hour film. Young J.Lo (referred to as “the artist” in the film) is She was characterized by her great sadness, She jumps from one relationship to another. With the album's songs, we see Jennifer Lopez in only one song She celebrated her three marriages for a short time Before the three collapsed. Of course it's always the men's fault!

J.Lo turns a violent and toxic relationship into a dance number and The therapy sessions end with a performance similar to “Singin' in the Rain.” And we haven't even started with the zodiac sign references yet. Because Jennifer Lopez is clearly very excited Astrology (Okay, we can still understand that.) So when a relationship doesn't work out, it's the stars' fault. Individual zodiac signs also keep tabs on their love lives. No, we're not kidding here, this is a real plot point in the movie. If we're being honest, one of the only ones who Provide entertainment in one way or another. Because the signs of the zodiac are determined by the correct signs He played such notable stars as Jane Fonda, Keke Palmer and Post Malone.

Are hopeless romantics really such isolated cases?

We really don't understand why they were cast in this role (obviously, the friendship with J.Lo was really great), but at least we got a little change from that Endless self-pity, Where the “artist” takes a shower for 65 minutes. Because she just wants to find true love (there are no other problems in this world nor, Staying single is not an option in the long run either)!

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Even large – and highly predictable – Self-discovery at last It comes to a head when he meets the love of his life – also known as Ben Affleck. By the way, he's not playing himself in the movie, he's playing someone ReporterWhich is visually reminiscent of Donald Trump for some reason.

Who had the idea of ​​turning an abusive relationship into a dance?

But even though the “artist” finds his happy ending in the end – We are not happy with the ending. Because “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story” does not find in its sixty-five minutes the reason – or justification – that made it necessary to produce it in the first place. The stories fit together, Due to the visually different areas (from J.Lo's apartment, which looks like it was built in The Sims, to her heart in Heartbreak, which looks like a flower factory), the movie ultimately looks like this. A series of multiple music videos.

But not everything in this movie is bad. The moments where J.Lo truly dedicates herself to acting are Surprisingly authentic and real. One sometimes wishes the 54-year-old had put more work into a true biopic instead. The make-up and costumes are impressive, if sometimes a little over-the-top. In the moments when the choreography doesn't seem completely out of place (we're not done with that yet The dance of the toxic relationship ), the dancers show impressive choreography. But none of this hides the huge undo factor!

Jennifer Lopez confirms: No one wants to finance this film

Because “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story”, in a way, is ultimately none other than Jennifer Lopez, wanting to fool us all again. Bennifer is happier than ever. She wants to turn her love drama into an XXL RomCom; In principle, this is not a bad idea – but the implementation should not seem quite as annoying as it does in this case. Not everything in the film is autobiographical, this is what Jennifer Lopez previously confirmed and praised Repeatedly at the definition level, Which is what she says “This is me… now: a love story” in her opinion. We don't see much definition here, instead a lot of old platitudes and clichés are rehashed.

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At least a lot of the time, J. Lo noted, she did it herself Funding the project. high “diverse” She dug deep into her pockets: the album, photos, additional documents At a total cost of $20 million Various reports. Money Jennifer Lopez wanted to invest, and she had to if she wanted her movie to be made at all. Because in the interview with “AP” The 54-year-old stressed: “Nobody wanted to do the project. It's sad because I remember growing up and loving seeing these musical projects from my favorite artists, but they don't see it that way. I knew it would be a big risk, But something pushed me to really go for it.

Although Amazon bought the project immediately after it was completed; However, J.Lo's experience can be a lesson for all of us. Because even if it is always said, You have to stick to things Express your own opinion: If everyone says your project isn't a good idea, maybe you should listen to them. Because even if Lopez would definitely recover her album costs and movie streams: We won't be able to get rid of this feeling of embarrassment any time soon.