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No phone (1) will be launched in the United States

No phone (1) will be launched in the United States

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(Pocket-lint) – After rumors of the phone’s real availability have grown louder, nothing has confirmed that its most popular phone (1) will not be released in the US.

This is a big disappointment for serious fans of the growing technology brand in the United States, but it’s not a big surprise considering that no US or Canadian names are featured in Nutting’s list of recent wireless carriers.

Nothing confirms the result In a statement to PCMag:

“We want to make telephone (1) available to the entire community around the world, and we focus on our home markets, including the UK and Europe, where we have strong partnerships with leading local mobile operators. And covers many things up to and including the local terms.

The phone will obviously work in the US, but it will not have reliable network coverage or connectivity, making it a very risky purchase for anyone who spends most of their time in North America. AT&T will not have voice calling via LTE, T-Mobile will have limited coverage and will have no Verizon service.

Surprisingly, nothing later stated that it would like to release phones for the US, without guaranteeing that version (1) of the phone would occasionally be included in this range.

Writing from Max Freeman-Mills. Edited by Chris Hall.

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