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Trump voters do not want to change their minds

TV Ready Process: June 16 Inquiry Committee Inquiry
Image: A.P.

The investigation team presents the glamorous television. If you want, you can see how Trump wanted to bend the electorate. But who wants to see it?

D.Not only did he work meticulously through what the investigative team for Capitol’s attack was all about Donald Trump After his defeat in 2020, the allies undermined the will of the electorate. Less subtlely, the delegates created a screenplay that presented their findings to millions of viewers. It’s about television. But for whom?

Seven years to Trumpism, no matter how compelling and coherent it may seem, seems beyond the world to believe that it will change the minds of millions of millions of Americans loyal to Trump.

Gas prices are more important than democracy

First, most people do not pay attention to the political scene – people do not care much about Washington about the record prices of gas pipelines. Second, Republican leadership and right-wing commentators have repeatedly reassessed the Democrats as discriminatory maneuvers. Third, and most importantly, many of Trump’s voters want to trust him. If they stop doing it, others will admit that they were right these years.

In the end, there may be only one observer in the group’s mind: Attorney General Merrick Garland. Not getting Trump fired is making it harder for him.

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