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“Nobody Else” – a new song from the young Eisenstadt talent P4ULY

“Nobody Else” – a new song from the young Eisenstadt talent P4ULY

The 15-year-old from Eisenstadt is known to the general public by his stage name P4ULY (pronounced: Paulie – that's how he likes to be called in BVZ). He attracted attention by appearing on the German casting show “The Voice Kids” in 2022. P4ULY now has a contract with the Austrian record label Global Rockstar and is releasing one song after another. His titles “Want You To Be Free” and “Falling In Love” are also played over and over on Ö3. The young man writes most of the songs himself, and he wrote his first hit with musician and songwriter Christoph Stroop (founder of the record label Global Rockstar). The latter is the father of Austrian Song Contest 2016 starter Zoe Stroop.

“Do what you have to!”

The 15-year-old's song lyrics are mostly based on real events from his life. This also applies to his current single “Nobody Else”. “If you want to achieve your dreams, you shouldn't let others bring you down and instead do what you want. I experienced this myself after appearing on The Voice – some people didn't believe in me and my talent.” With the text “You don't hate me, you just hate yourself” he wants people who confront hate or bullying to give a positive ray of hope: “People who abuse you usually hate themselves, and therefore make your life more difficult.” The first parts of this song were written a year ago.

P4ULY played something for BVZ reporter Daniel Freismuth.

Photo: BFZ/Friesmuth

Chess as a second talent

In addition to his passion for singing, P4ULY has also been a talented chess player for a long time. At the age of 13, the 15-year-old from Eisenstadt wanted to start his career as a professional chess player. His chess playing results are impressive: a multiple-time Austrian national champion in the under-14 age group and a third-place finish in the European Under-14 Chess Championship, says P4ULY: “At my best, I was one of the top 25 chess players in the world in… My age group for a short time.

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Perfection is very important at P4ULY

Music was not the focus of his life at this point. Without the ability to read music, P4ULY transferred to music class at Kurzwiese High School. “At first the students didn't take me seriously. I could sing, but I had absolutely no idea how to read music or scales at that time,” says the 15-year-old from Eisenstadt. The perfectionist noted that he has now mastered reading music: “I am very ambitious and always set myself specific goals. “This is the only way I can develop further in music,” says P4ULY. At home, the young artist receives active support from his parents and his dog Georgie: “I am very grateful to them for allowing me to realize my dreams. Nothing has changed because of my appearance on the casting programme, this has already been the case during my time as a chess player.”

His next big goal is to spend a semester abroad in the USA: “I want to perfect my English and if I want to become internationally known later, it is important to have a high level of English,” explains P4ULY.

Appearance in music in the city

But before that, there is still a lot of planning here in Austria. New songs are already being written diligently and a mini concert is also being planned. On June 27, he and guitar teacher Rudi Neumayer will perform his songs and unreleased songs in the pedestrian zone of Eisenstadt as part of a series of music events in the city. His songs are also available online 24/7 on his Spotify profile P4ULY He listens.

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