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New songs – Wiener Neustadt “Up Close”: first “Metropol”, then the album

New songs – Wiener Neustadt “Up Close”: first “Metropol”, then the album

Neustadt’s “Up Close” band already has a lot planned for this year. Not only will they be on the big stage at Nova Rock on June 7, “our long-awaited album is finally coming out in 2023.” Ten new songs are supposed to take the group to a whole new level. The theme of the album is a dream world depicting loss, forbidden love, and more.

But enough about the album for now, they’ll be debuting with their new single, “Metropole,” which will be released this Friday. The song can be classified as “alternative rock”. The five musicians worked on it for several weeks until they were satisfied with the final issue, including the music video.

“The song is about losing yourself in the noise of your own thoughts,” say David Oberger, Bernard Fries, Peter Buchas, Florentin Painter and Jax Dean. The metaphor of the bustling city you are always observing stands as a symbol of inner struggle and self-doubt. Now the song “Metropole” can be heard on all popular streaming platforms.

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