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Noctua comments on AM5 compatibility with its coolants


When it comes time to introduce a new CPU socket, the question arises whether it will be possible to continue using existing coolers. Noctua has now confirmed this question for most of its coolers aimed at AMD AM5 – albeit with small limitations.

Among the coolant manufacturers who have already commented in detail on AM5 compatibility for their products, Also belongs to EKWB. For EKWB products, AiO cooling systems in particular are already AM5 compatible, but new spacers are needed for many water coolers.

With Noctua it’s even easier for users, with two exceptions it has been officially confirmed that all Noctua AM4 compatible coolers and mounting kits are also AM5 compatible. The exceptions are NH-L9a-AM4 and the NM-AM4-L9aL9i synthesis group. Noctua will be offering the NM-AM5-L9aL9i Mounting Kit for free from the end of October. Even for owners of older Noctua coolers without AM4 support, free AM5 upgrade kits should still be available. Previously referred to as NM-AM4 and NM-AM4-UxS, these mounting kits are now called NM-AM5/4-MP83 (for coolers with 83mm mounting spacing) and NM-AM5/4-MP78 (for coolers with 78mm mounting spacing) . installation distance) renamed.

The background to the compatibility question is that Noctua AM4 mounting systems (with the aforementioned exception) are installed in the AMD AM4 backboard threads and these threads are identical to the AM5. Only with the NH-L9a-AM4 and NM-AM4-L9aL9i is the standard tailboard replaced with an adaptive tailboard on the AM4 – but this is not for the AM5. However, the new NM-AM5-L9aL9i mount kit will make it possible to mount the NH-L9a, NH-L9a-AM4 and NH-L9i on the AM5. A new version of the NH-L9a is also planned, which is previous works AM5 compliant. It should be available in the first quarter of 2023. The NH-L9i-17xx built for the LGA17xx platform remains incompatible.

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If you want to get a free installation kit, you need proof of purchase of a qualified Noctua cooler and AM5/4 motherboard or AM5/4 CPU. Alternatively, kits will also be available from Amazon and other retailers for a service fee of €7.90.

More information on AM5 compatibility, including related links, is available. straight from Noctua.