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Nordic Skiing: Cross-country skiing returns to ÖSV

Nordic Skiing: Cross-country skiing returns to ÖSV

Alois Stadlober, husband of ÖSV president Roswitha Stadlober, has been appointed as sporting director. German Konstantin Zakvatkin is the new coach of Group A. According to ÖSV’s broadcast on Friday, the strategy aims to promote young talent, support clubs and use synergies in training across divisions, particularly in close collaboration with the combined biathlon and Nordic teams.

Cross-country skiing is an essential and primary training sport for both folk and higher-level sports. “The complete reintegration of cross-country skiers into ÖSV is a decision for the sport,” said ÖSV President Stadlober.

Geppa / Wolfgang Gribben

After Roswitha, Alois Stadlober now plays an important role at ÖSV

Competitive World Cup team as a target

Alois Stadlober, who is also president of WSV Ramsau, is looking forward to this task. “I am deeply attached to the sport and thank ÖSV for the trust and opportunity to help shape the future of Austrian cross-country skiing.” Close exchange with clubs, state skating associations and competitive sports centers is of particular importance to him. “In the high-level sports sector, we want to put together a long-term team that can compete in the World Cup. This requires patience and years of further development work. If everyone comes together, we will succeed.”

The new ÖSV official is also happy with Zakhvatkin’s commitment. This shares the long-term strategy and philosophy for the sustainable promotion of young talent. In terms of discipline, Stadlober reports to USV Secretary General Christian Scherer.

A “special honor” for Zakvatkin

Previously head coach at Willingen and now moving to Austria. “Participation in Austria for winter sports is a special honor for every coach. “Winter sports rarely have such a high profile in any other country, and the training conditions are excellent,” says the new coach.

Cross country ski expert Alois Stadlober with new cross country coach Konstantin Zakhvatkin


Konstantin Zakvatkin faces a difficult task as head coach of cross-country skiing

“In the past few years, important foundations have been laid for the future, and the team’s success at the Winter Olympics in Beijing confirms this. The close exchange with the combined biathlon and Nordic teams is especially important to me,” says Michael Zakvatkin, assistant coaching Michael, fortunately Bonfert and Stefan Rosenberger, responsible for youth in Training Group 2.

Landertinger advises biological athletes

Former biathlete Dominik Landertinger will also advise ÖSV coaches on planning training and managing competition in biathlon. “The most important thing is that all interested young athletes in clubs be taught both the general basics of training and the systematic development of cross-country skiing techniques. This not only contributes significantly to health, but also creates the necessary conditions for all those who subsequently wish to Pursue a performance-oriented path in cross-country skiing or a related sport.”

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