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North Korea continues its missile tests

North Korea continues its missile tests

noh the youngest missile tests Over the weekend, North Korea again launched two ballistic missiles into the sea. According to the South Korean military, the missile tests were carried out on Wednesday during Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Seoul. Analysts consider the timing of the tests to be an unmistakable signal to Beijing, which is North Korea’s most important diplomatic ally and trading partner.

The Seoul General Staff said the missiles were launched from within the country into the sea. “The South Korean and US intelligence services are currently working on detailed analyzes,” the statement said. Initially, no information was provided about the range of the missiles.

North Korean expert Yang Moo-jin assessed the recent missile tests as “an indirect message from North Korea and even an invitation to Beijing to put the Korean peninsula as a central issue on the Chinese agenda.” At the same time, Pyongyang apparently wanted to demonstrate its supremacy on the Korean Peninsula.

On Saturday and Sunday, North Korea claimed to have tested a new “long-range missile”. According to a report by the official Korean Central News Agency, the tests were “successful.” The missiles would have flown over North Korea’s land and sea and hit targets 1,500 kilometers away.

Because of its nuclear and missile program, North Korea is subject to harsh international sanctions, making the economy of the largely isolated and communist-led country difficult.