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The US military has restricted Trump's access to nuclear weapons «

The US military has restricted Trump’s access to nuclear weapons «

After storming the US Capitol on January 6, according to media reports, Chief of Staff Mark Milley took secret precautions to limit then-President Donald Trump’s legal authority over nuclear weapons.

3:31 pm, September 15, 2021


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Chief of Staff Mark Milley feared that Trump-elect would lead to a military struggle to stay in power © AFP

This was reported by CNN, The Washington Post, and others Quote from an unpublished book. Trump scolded Millie In a statement immediately spoke of “betrayal“.

the famous Investigative journalist Bob Woodward and for a long time Washington Post reporter, Robert Costa, so write “Danger” (Danger), Mielle was next Trump supporters storm the Capitol I was shocked. So he had On January 8, a secret meeting was held with the responsible leadersTo ensure that no offensive military strike is launched without his consent. “Whatever I ask of you, you follow the process. You do the process. I am part of the process,” Milley reportedly said on Tuesday. After that, the general was said to have asked everyone involved directly if they understood him.

According to reports, the authors of the book, scheduled for publication on September 21, also have a copy of one of the book A phone call from Milley and Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. before. In a Jan. 8 conversation with Millie about Trump, Pelosi said:

You know he’s crazy. He’s been crazy for a long time.

Nancy Pelosi

I have to MilliAppointed by Trump in 2019, replied: “I agree with you on all points.”

According to the book, Milley was said to have feared that Trump-elect would incite a military struggle to stay in power. Pelosi, who holds the state’s third highest office, published a press release after the January phone call. At the time, she stated that she spoke to Mielle for one Banning ‘unstable chiefs’ from ‘launching military strikes’ Or order a “nuclear attack”. Pelosi said at the time that Republican-elect Trump “couldn’t be more dangerous and we have to do everything we can to protect the American people” and to protect democracy.

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In spite of He lost in the November 3 elections In 2020, Trump will remain President of the United States until January 20, as mandated by the Constitution, and therefore Commander-in-Chief. Strictly speaking, the military could not openly defy his orders.

Milli, who is now the top military advisor to Democratic President Joe Biden, is said to have been reported in the book during this time as well. He had two conversations with his Chinese counterpartTo avoid the communist leadership’s fears of a possible US attack. Milley telephoned General Li Zucheng shortly before the US elections, on October 30, and again on January 8. During the second call, Millie reportedly told the Chinese, “We are 100 percent consistent. But democracy can be sloppy sometimes.” According to reports, Mielle China reportedly also promised to warn his counterpart Li in advance in the event of an attack.

‘fool’, ‘weak and ineffective’

Trump called Milley in a statement a “stupid general” and a “weak and ineffective general.” Could. Trump said that if the reports in the book were true and Milley made arrangements with China behind his back, he should be prosecuted for “treason.” The former president added that he had never considered attacking China. Anyone who says otherwise is “sick and crazy”.

Republican Senator Mark Rubio, If the reports are true, that will be the case, said a Trump ally, on Fox News “Military coup”. The military leadership should not place itself above the will of the legitimately elected president. “Imagine if General Milley decided tomorrow that Joe Biden is old,” Rubio said. He then said that Millie Biden might reject the requests and work with Russia and China.

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White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre, did not want to comment on the posts about Millie on Tuesday and pointed out Military press offices. At first there was no reaction from the Pentagon. At his upcoming congressional hearing – on September 28 in the Senate – he is likely to face very critical questions from many Republicans.