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Notwist's 'Alien Disko' lands in St. Pölten

Notwist's 'Alien Disko' lands in St. Pölten

The capital of Lower Austria is witnessing a new contemporary art festival with Tangente St. Pölten. On Saturday 4 May 2024, “Alien Disko” by avant-garde pop band The Notwist will land at the Festspielhaus. We have 3×2 tickets for you!

The Tangente St. Festival begins. The first Pölten is on Saturday, April 30 and extends throughout the summer until October 6, 2024.

The newly founded festival aims to be colourful, diverse and accessible, with the program attempting to encompass a wide range from art, theater and performances to music and literature to forms of science and discourse. The focus is on topics affecting contemporary society: the environment, the culture of remembrance, and the challenges of modern democracies.

The capital of Lower Austria originally applied for the annual EU-backed “European Capital of Culture 2024” project, but the contract went to Bad Ischl, so they simply continued working and brought the shadow into existence.

The festival center on Linzer Straße is spread across the city, where numerous workshops and co-working space will be created, as well as special spaces, newly opened infrastructure projects and existing cultural and educational institutions in St. Pölten. . In addition to the many international artists invited, the festival also tries to include the local cultural and sub-cultural scene.

The Notwist at Festspielhaus, we have tickets!

“Bring the savages, bring the loud noises, fill our house with all the holy astronauts”: these lines from the song “Gravity” by The Notwist are meant to indicate the direction in which the avant-garde pop band from Weilheim wants to transport Upper Bavaria with its production “Alien Disko”.

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“The Alien Disko is a kind of amplifier or receiver for strange, unusual, unusual and bizarre sounds, ideas or music,” says Marcus Asher, co-founder of The Notwist.

The Notwist will be played on May 4, 2024 at Festspielhaus St. Pölten and we have 3×2 tickets for you. If you would like to be there, write to us Your favorite lyric from The Notwist To [email protected]. Registration deadline is April 1 at 11:59 p.m. Winners will be notified via email.

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