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Nicola Mining has signed a purchase agreement for gold and silver concentrate with Ocean Partners Holdings

Novamind announces the suspension of trading and the resumption of trading

toronto, run / 8. November 2021 /NovaMind Company (Custom search engine: NM | OTCQB: NVMDF | FWB: HN2) (“Novamind” or “the Company”), a leading mental health company specializing in psychedelic medicine, gDeclares that the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC“) the originalh am 3. Trading halt imposed in November 2021 (stop trade orderAnd The CTO”) is completely cancelledn hat.

CTO was imposed due to dThe company failed to prepare audited annual financial statements, management report (Management discussion and analysis) and the corresponding certificates for the fiscal year ending on the 30th. June 2021 (Din another meaningAnnual ReportNS‘) to be presented. CompanyNSen Now he has all the mailThe required documents have been submitted. Annual reports can be viewed through the company’s SEDAR profilenter can be seen.

Ordinary stock now wAdmit to trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange again.

About NovaMind

NovaMind is a leading mental health company, providing secure access to psychedelic medications through a network of clinics and clinical research sites. NovaMind is a provider of ketamine-based psychotherapy and other types of new therapies through its network of Cedar Psychiatry Clinics. The company also operates Cedar Clinical Research, a contract research organization that specializes in clinical trials and evidence-based research for psychedelic medicine. Cedar Psychiatry and Cedar Clinical Research are both wholly owned by Novamind. For more information on how Novamind can improve mental well-being and accompany people throughout the recovery process, visit

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Yaron Konforti, CEO and Director

Tel .: +1 (647) 953 9512

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Samantha Dillardo, Vice President of Communications

NSNSdisturb: [email protected]

Bill Mitolas, Investor Relations

email: [email protected]

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