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Nubert nuConnect ampXL with Tidal Connect

Nubert nuConnect ampXL with Tidal Connect

Nubert has good news for everyone who loves streaming in HD: the built-in nuConnect ampXL streaming amplifier now offers another natively supported source – Tidal Connect. The critical update is installed properly.

With Nubert firmware updated fully automatically

The new firmware is now available. It is not necessary to download the corresponding update manually – the download takes place automatically as soon as Nubert nuConnect ampXL connects to the Internet.

The Nubert nuConnect ampXL subwoofer comes with a flat design and has a lot of functionality

HiRes and diversity

Tidal Connect makes it possible to stream music directly from the Tidal app to compatible devices – taking advantage of the intuitive controls and features that Tidal brings with it. Depending on the music selected, songs can be streamed as FLAC files at up to 24-bit/192kHz. According to its own advertising, Tidal now has more than 100 million different music tracks of all genres in its platform.

Note: If you're looking for more information about the dynamic and versatile Nubert nuConnect ampXL, you should take a look at our detailed test report.


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