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Nuclear energy: Paris calls for more financing

Nuclear energy: Paris calls for more financing

They call for “nuclear energy financing to be taken into account from the perspective of energy security and climate protection,” a statement published in Paris on Thursday said. Among the signatories of the agreement are the energy ministers of France, Canada, Japan, Great Britain and the United States of America. Potential subsidies from the EU are also addressed indirectly. The goal of this “political alliance” is to “facilitate access to capital” for the maintenance or construction of new nuclear power plants or storage of nuclear waste. The signatories, who met in Paris at the initiative of France and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, affirmed that “nuclear energy is safe, cheap, available, and one of the low-emission energy sources.”

Nuclear energy and social goals

They stress that financial institutions should classify nuclear power “in the same way as other zero- and low-emission energy sources.” Nuclear energy should be taken into account more than ever in the environmental and social (ESG) goals of financial institutions. William D. said: Magwood, of Harvard University: “We have to be realistic and quick to seize the opportunity.” Atomic Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (Nia). “Nuclear energy is an important asset for our energy security, but also for our climate commitments,” French Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Ronacher added. Germany was not represented at the conference. Italy, which abandoned nuclear energy nearly forty years ago and is currently considering going back, was present as an observer.

With 56 nuclear reactors per 68 million inhabitants, France is the country with the highest proportion of nuclear power. France regularly clashes with Germany at the European Union level when it calls for placing nuclear energy on the same level as renewable energies. (APA/Red)

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