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NWA “PowerrrSurge # 10” Results and Report Oak Grove, Kentucky, USA on 03/15/2022

NWA “PowerrrSurge # 10” Results and Report Oak Grove, Kentucky, USA on 03/15/2022

Source: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance PowerrrSurge # 10 (Tapping: 02/15/2022)
Venue: Valor Hall in Oak Grove, Kentucky, USA
First broadcast: March 15, 2022 FIT TV

The show begins with Joe Gully, Billy Gorgon and Pat Kenny discussing matches for this year’s Crocket Cup. They go through the participating teams until they are on the first match agenda of today‚Äôs edition.

1. Competition
Singles competition
Jay Spade defeated Sal Rinaro (W / Danny Deals) by back after a spinster.

2. Competition
Singles competition
Allis Kay defeated Missa Gate after the AK47.

Joe Gully, Billy Gorgon and Pat Kenny are once again discussing the croquet cup and the match tree.

The Fixers discuss the win against The OGK with Joe Gully. Wrecking ball is a challenge for famous teams like Bushwalkers, Demolition, The Legion of Doom and The Nasty Boys.

3. Competition
Singles competition
Judas (w / The Sinister Minister) defeated Jamie Stanley behind the Crucifixia.

Nick Altis and NWA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona join Joe Gully in the final before their title match. Aldis speaks of wanting to say goodbye to the world title action for the time being, in the hunt for the NWA Tag Team Championship with Doug William. In his opinion, Trevor Murdoch deserves to get attention before Matt Cardona steals it from him. Cardona sees this differently and, of course, he defended the NWA. Aldis agrees with Cardona on one thing: The NWA needs a savior now, but he’s not a Cardona clown.

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