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NWA USA # 19 Results & Reports from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 05/21/2022 (including video of the full event)

Source: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance “NWA USA # 19”
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First Broadcast: May 21, 2022 on Youtube

The whole show

Today’s magazine begins with an interview with May Valentine, who will be the guest of Sal The Ball. He mentions his past and says that Sal has made new friends. Soul the Ball says that his master has a lot of fun before he sings a song.

Then it turns into the hall, where commentators Joe Gully and Velvet Sky greet the audience. NWA President William Gorgon will also be a guest commentator on the tournament today.

1. Competition
NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
Singles competition
Murderous (c) top rope cringo cutter defeated BLK Zees by pin pin.
Match time: 08:02

Kyle Davis welcomes Nick Aldis as guest. Britt discusses his upcoming title match against Matt Cardona at Always Ready. Aldis says his words did not come from the pro-wrestler Aldis, but from her husband, father and wrestling fan. He appreciates the entire list of the NWA, and this achievement makes him proud to be a pro wrestler. This also applies to fans. Altis urges spectators to support the title match. So Cardona represents everything that goes against his pride as a pro wrestler.

In the 60-second video, Lodimer exaggerates himself. I do not know what Ladimer wants to talk about. So he talks about different things to kill time.

2. Competition
Tag Team Match
Rodney Mac & Brett Buffshe defeated The Ill Picoton (Jeremiah Blankett & Alex Taylor) by Taylor’s submission in Mackin ‘Judanizer (Cobra Clutch).
Match time: 05:28

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3. Competition
Singles competition
Cox defeated Soul the Ball by submitting to The Zimb Dragon Sleeper.
Match time: 05:45

The show ends with the successful Cox the Gimp.

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