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US prepares to abolish clock change – World –

US prepares to abolish clock change – World –

Will the US soon have permanent daylight saving time?
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In the United States, it is preparing to cancel the change from summer to winter. The Senate in Washington unanimously voted on Tuesday (local time) to pass a “new, permanent fixed time” law. Thus in the future there will be only summer. The law is called the Sunlight Protection Act because the winter afternoons with daylight are long.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, also known as Sunshine State, introduced the draft last year. He cited studies showing that the reversal of time change would have economic benefits.

In the arena on Tuesday, Rubio made a direct link between the change of time and the increase in “heart attacks and car accidents”. “It is time for us to retire from this tiring tradition,” he said before the vote. In consultation with business representatives, Rubio spoke out in support of ending winter in November 2023.

The original idea behind the change of time was to change working hours during the day to save energy. But the transition between summer and winter has proven to be a health problem for many. Critics have complained about the effects of bullying, especially on children.

An end is being put to time change in Europe as well. In 2018, the EU Commission proposed to abolish 2019. After that, however, member states could not accept a uniform approach. The Commission’s proposal is now considered a virtual failure. On the last Sunday of March (March 27), the clock will return in Austria. Hands jump from 2 to 3 p.m.

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In the United States, progress can be reversed. The House of Representatives has not yet approved and President Joe Biden has veto power. He has not yet commented on the outcome of the change.

Unlike Europeans, American citizens are used to different time zones and regulations anyway. Private areas such as Hawaii, part of Arizona, or the Navajo Nation Native American area already do not change clocks.