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NWA USA #35 Results & Report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 09/23/2022 (including video of full show)

NWA USA #35 Results & Report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 09/23/2022 (including video of full show)

Source: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance “NWA USA #35”
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First Airing: September 23, 2022 on Youtube

Full show

Today’s edition will begin with the first match in the evening.

1. Competition
NWA United States Tag Team Championship
Tag team match
The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Paul Legurski) (c) defeated Gold Rush (Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett) with a double team powerbomb on Rocket by Legurski.
Match Time: 07:03

Then today’s commentators Joe Gully, Velvet Skye and Tim Storm go over the rest of the match card. Tonight’s show will feature a semi-final match for the NWA National Title. This is how Judais will compete with Thrilbilly Silas.

Joe Gully welcomes Tyrese in for an interview before the fans are allowed into the arena. Gully asks the NWA Television Champion what his next goal is. Dyer replies that he has no next target. He was undefeated and flew in his friends and family for the show. Ultimately he failed because he made the biggest mistake of his life – he hesitated. Dyer says he would give up anything to get another chance. Even if it meant relinquishing the title held by his mentor, Dusty Rhodes.

2. Competition
Singles Match – NWA National Title Tournament Qualifier
Thrillbilly Silas (w/ Pollo Del Mar) defeated Judas (w/ Father James Mitchell) by pin after Thrill Ride.
Match Time: 06:04

Backstage, May Valentine interviews Anthony Mayweather. The former Crimson talks about his year so far, and he joins Chris Silvio Esq. Interrupted. Mayweather says he wants nothing to do with Jax Dane and Silvio. Mayweather announced that he would compete for the now-vacant NWA Television Championship. Silvio says Mayweather is a liar and has yet to sign with the NWA president. Unlike him, Silvio’s client Jax Dane was a wrestler first. After some insults from Silvio, Mayweather grabs Dane’s legal counsel and several security guards are able to prevent a physical altercation.

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3. Competition
Scramble Match – NWA Junior Heavyweight Title no. 1 competition
Kerry Morton defeated Peter Avalon, Joe Alonso, Mike Bennett, PJ Hawkes and Colby Corino (w/ Jamie Stanley) via pin on Alonso after Kiss & Goodbye (Jumping Knee Strike).
Match Time: 05:54

After the match, Morton celebrates his victory. Today’s issue of NWA USA ends with these pictures.

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