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The female is not subject to the male

Woman praying in Birmingham, Alabama (2008 archive)
Image: AFP

A Christian historian wants to convince American evangelicals that there are not only men but also women on the pulpit. The resistance is huge.

BEd Allison Bar did everything he believed a good Christian should do. She cared for her family, helped others, and learned more about the Bible. But of them Church, At a Baptist church in Texas, piled up annoying incidents for them: the pastors preached the submission of women.

Bar had no problem with that for a long time until he was not allowed to teach at Sunday school one day due to teenage boys. Her husband was a youth pastor, but she was fired when she questioned the strict division of roles between men and women. The historian who teaches at Baylor Christian University in Waco, Texas, felt the challenge. She wanted to prove the church wrong. As a result, the book about the role of women in the Christian church provoked angry reactions from many Christians and evangelicals. It became known as “The Making of the Bible Womanhood” and became a bestseller. Barr and her husband changed churches and became pastors again, after which Barr receives hundreds of emails each month from evangelical women looking for new ways.

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