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NWA USA #40 Results & Report from Nashville, Tennessee, USA from 10/29/2022 (including video of full show)

NWA USA #40 Results & Report from Nashville, Tennessee, USA from 10/29/2022 (including video of full show)

Source: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance “NWA USA #40”
Location: Skyway Studios Nashville, Tennessee, USA
First broadcast: October 29, 2022 on YouTube

Full show

Today’s edition starts with the first match in the evening.

1. Competition
2-on-1 handicap match
Max the Impaler defeated Natalia Markova & Taryn Terrell by pin on Terrell after Welcome to the Wasteland.
Match Time: 05:11

Following this, today’s commentators Joe Gulley and Velvet Sky go through the rest of the match card. On tonight’s show, Ricky Morton takes on Jay Bradley in singles action.

Kyle Davis interviews Jamie Stanley. He talks about the match between Davey Richards and his friend Colby Corino. Stanley says he had a hand in making the tournament happen. He makes it clear that Richards has no chance against Corino or himself.

Backstage, May Valentine interviews Kerry Morton. She questions him about his father’s game against Bradley. Kerry says her father can beat everyone in wrestling. According to Ricky Morton’s son, the feud with the fixers will never end. After that, Kerry claims another match against Homicide and then beats him up. Afterwards, Valentine questions him about his archrival Corino’s match against Richards. He praises both the wrestlers and let the better wrestler win in the end.

2. Competition
6 Man Tag Team Match
Wrecking Paul Legurski & The ILL Picaton (Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett) defeated “Magic” Jake Dumas & The Now (Vic Tallishes & Hale Collins) by Tailishes after a power slam.
Match Time: 07:41

Flip Gordon is interviewed by May Valentine. She questions him about his upcoming match against Colby Corino at Powerrr. Gordon is determined to win and promises that he will win his first fight against Corino. This is another step towards him becoming the best wrestler in the world.

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Here’s another part of Stanley’s Drill by Jamie Stanley. Milk Mad greets the girl. The girl always answered his questions with one word. After a few questions, the interview ends in failure.

3. Competition
Singles match
Kenzi Paige defeated Mizzah Kate by submission.
Match Time: 05:12

May Valentine interviews Jay Bradley. He talks about his match against Ricky Morton and says he wants to end his feud with the Mortons, but the Mortons reject his hand. Bradley discusses the upcoming NWA United States Tag Team Championship defense on Hard Times. Bradley “spoils” the result – a clear win for the fixers.

Kyle Davis welcomes Wrecking Paul Legurski and NWA President William Corgan. Corgan thanks the fans for their support and congratulates the Fixers for winning the NWA United States Tag Team Championship. As a special gift, he has a new title belt for her. The design is based on an old design from the past. Corgan wants to change the title, but Legurski doesn’t because the old title didn’t say “The Fixers” in the title. Corgan gets a little annoyed and makes it clear to Legurski that he’s signing the checks so Legurski can keep buying his donuts. Nevertheless, Legurski did not want to exchange title belts. Corgan gets angry and insults his wrestler. After some staring, Legurski says no again and disappears.

4. Competition
Singles match
Jay Bradley defeated Ricky Morton through the back after a power slam.
Match Time: 05:02

After the match, Bradley shook his opponent’s hand, wanting to help him. However, Morton refused and left the ring. And that ends the show.

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