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Ö1 Savings Plans: “Royalties for Many Livelihoods”

Ö1 Savings Plans: “Royalties for Many Livelihoods”

The possible cancellation of radio broadcasts of new music and jazz alarmed the local music scene: all major institutions are in solidarity. Even Kainrath, the head of the Klangforum, evokes the beginning of the nation’s cultural end.

No country other than Austria has produced so many notable composers of new music, from Beat Furrer to Olga Neuwirth of course. And Ö1 has an enormous role to play in this. If there is a cut, we should not look the other way. Peter Paul Kenrath, director of Klangforum-Ensemble Wien, specializing in new music, focused as far as he was concerned in an interview with Presse.

Radio retreat plans ORF Last Friday, when it was announced that Ö1 would have to save €900,000. Programs such as the children’s program “Rudi, the radio dog”, “Passagen” or “Philosophy on Holidays” are for discussion. But also “Zeit-Ton” (weekdays at 11 pm, specializing in new music) and “Jazznacht” (same date, weekend) as well as the Musikprotokoll Festival in Steirischer Herbst organized by Ö1. ORF Radio head Ingrid Thorner’s announcement in “Standard” to program more “content rather than Köchel”, more information than music, as well as an FM4 reform toward marketing, did the rest. The Austrian music scene was formed.

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