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Milk - City Councilman Linsberger Retires Politician: Who Turned the Clock?

Milk – City Councilman Linsberger Retires Politician: Who Turned the Clock?

Created on 05 October 2022 | 06:03

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Anton Linsberger Brand: The clock is set before every town council meeting in the town council meeting room. He repaired the watch himself 30 years ago.

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MElk City Council member Anton Linsberger is retiring from city politics after more than 20 years.

It was one of his trademarks: Before every town hall meeting in the town council meeting room, town councilman Anton Leinsberger set the clock from about 1860. “I’ve raised it for 20 years, restored it before that. Now it will stand again,” Leinsberger smiles, Announcing his resignation as a city council member. Linsberger has been a city council member since 2000, a city councillor since 2005 and was most recently responsible for Wachaubad’s schedules and ice rink. “I’ve been a member of the parish council since 1987 and have always enjoyed sitting together and in the community at both activities,” Linsberger looks back. In the past, the city clerk used to carry out meeting invitations, but now everything is done electronically. According to Linsberger, the change was noticeable over time when he was in charge of the sewage treatment plant as a city councilman: “The plant always had to be modified, as more and more plastic fibers got into the sewers over time,” says Linsberger, Which described the most exciting section as the time around the building of the Löwenpark and the renovation of the main square. In the main square, Linsberger lent his hand to sand the pavement himself. No exception: the lion in the main square, which now also adorns the municipal letters, came from the hands of Linsberger. He also helped with his manual skills at Wachaubad, for example with the expansion of the pond.

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Linsberger’s successor as consultant is restaurateur René Reinmüller. The city council will be determined later this week.