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Oberwart – New Gallery at OHO: The Digital House

Oberwart – New Gallery at OHO: The Digital House

One can indeed wander the labyrinth of artificial intelligence—in the form of Margaret Jarman’s riveting; Now, Oberwart Open House is indeed taking the next digital step, in line with the focus of the year: “Everything is OK,” not a typo, but the indicative title of Jörg Piringer’s new exhibition.

Known for a variety of visual and audio installations and works, Jörg Berenger was shortlisted for the Bachmann Prize in 2021 for his love of language and linguistic imagery that he creates using computer programs he developed himself.

The award-winning artist is the all-around founder today: writer, sound animator, programmer, musician. At OHO, he showcases his language imagery in a variety of digital, analog, visual, and audio versions. At Vernissage on Friday (beginning: 7.30pm), the intensity of the action will be emphasized with a multi-part performance: six Burgenland musicians improvise to computer-generated linguistic collages.

The evening will be opened by Member of Parliament Christian Drubetz, and author Katharina Tewald will speak about the exhibition. information:

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