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What is artificial intelligence really doing in marketing and where are the limits » LeadersNet

What is artificial intelligence really doing in marketing and where are the limits » LeadersNet

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| 03/15/2023

According to experts, artificial intelligence (AI) not only increases productivity but also increases the quality of output. But there are also limits.

The intelligent computer language program ChatGPT has made a real buzz about artificial intelligence in the past few weeks. But what are the advantages of content marketing? In the online event – Cope Group’s “Digital Innovation Session”, Lukas Kircher, Chief Creative Consultant at Cope and Nikola Dietrich, Chief Strategy Officer at Cope shared practical advice and insights and gave answers to questions such as: What can AI do, what can it do? (still) done? Is artificial intelligence in content marketing just propaganda or is it really indispensable? Moderation was taken by Xenia Dom, Managing Director of Cope.

“Artificial intelligence will not replace us”

“Will artificial intelligence replace us soon?”: When it comes to artificial intelligence, this question quickly arises. Lukas Kircher, founder of C3 Creative Code and Content, asserts, “It will not replace us with artificial intelligence itself, but with a person who can handle artificial intelligence.”

Artificial intelligence is not a new topic. It has been supporting us with cell phone cameras, chatbots, and navigation systems for a long time. New AI applications are released every week.

“It wasn’t the technology that evolved so quickly, but the user interface,” Kircher says. ChatGPT shows how it works: you can now easily interact with AI and see for yourself the power of this technology.

35 percent more productivity

A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) examined the increase in productivity through ChatGPT. 450 people from different industries (marketers, HR personnel, data analysts, managers) were interviewed. On average, their productivity increased by 35% compared to working without access to AI. At the same time, the production quality has also increased. “The demand for AI-savvy marketers will explode,” Kircher predicts.

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SEO will change dramatically

According to experts, artificial intelligence should also have an impact on online search behavior. Bing, Microsoft’s competitor to Google, already uses ChatGPT (ledersent mentioned). You don’t get a long list of links as usual, but a detailed text answer to a question. “The results of chat mode are reminiscent of answers from Alexa. This means that marketers also have to rethink SEO. How can brands also appear in a formulated and targeted AI answer?” says Nikola Dietrich.

Toolbox for marketers

For text (such as ChatGPT and Jasper), code (such as ChatGPT and Codex), images (such as Dall-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion), video and audio (such as X-Clip and Descript), or 3D animation (such as DreamFusion and Get3D) there is already Many artificial intelligence tools. “A ‘speed’ toolbox is coming to marketing departments. Even if there are still justified criticisms of some AI deliverables: ‘Further development of AI is alarmingly fast,'” says the expert.

However, there are some factors to consider when using it. “Be careful with data sources when using AI in research,” warns Nicolas Dietrich. It can happen that AI accesses an outdated database. “Sometimes real nonsense can appear,” says the expert. There are also legal risks, keywords copyright.

The process of change is necessary

If marketing departments want to integrate AI into their daily work, they need to realize that this is a complete process of change, not just implementing a new program, notes Lukas Kircher.
Another major challenge is finding the right approach to identify the right AI applications. Nicola Dietrich recommends a structured approach. Don’t just try at random. “The quality of different AIs is very different,” Dietrich concludes.

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