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ÖFB Team: "Two to three jobs are still open"

ÖFB Team: “Two to three jobs are still open”

After the 0-0 mixed test against Slovakia, the Austrian team’s focus is turning to the European Championship. Macedonia is waiting for the ÖFB team to kick off next Sunday at 6:00 pm.

Austria’s eleventh home game against Macedonia is pretty much the same. Watford Corps Daniel Bachmann will stand at the gate. This was previously determined by team boss Franco Voda and goalkeeper coach Robert Almer.

“Robert and I had a long conversation and then decided that we now also want to set number one. We did that and informed the goalkeepers. I am happy that Daniel achieved his achievements from the England game and above all from the whole season against Slovakia was confirmed again”, says Fouda.

He was going to analyze each goalkeeper in detail. In addition, Bachmann’s coaching achievements were remarkable. Fouda says Bachmann is stable, good at communicating, tough on the line, outgoing, and a one-on-one confrontation.

Aside from the goalkeeper’s position, Fouda has largely committed to the first match against Macedonia. “As a coach, it’s normal to think about the team that you want to play with against North Macedonia. The team is up to two or three places,” Fouda says. “The training week will be crucial again. Like I said, there are still two or three places to be allocated. In that regard, it will be a very interesting week.”

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