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'Offer once': Easily cheat the new WhatsApp functionality

‘Offer once’: Easily cheat the new WhatsApp functionality

Show pictures only once

“View Once” as a competitor to Snapchat

In the future, WhatsApp will allow sending photos that the recipient can only view once. This can be useful, for example, if you want to share confidential information such as a WLAN password with someone, a chat service that belongs to Facebook explained.

The job was announced weeks ago after controversy over the new WhatsApp terms of use. The sender must select the option again each time. The images cannot then be viewed once and cannot be forwarded or saved by the recipient.

One-time display cheat with screenshot

However, it can take a screenshot – or simply take a screenshot of another device, as WhatsApp has been restricted to a blog entry. If a user reports a file that was sent once – eg inappropriate – to WhatsApp, the service can access it. If the photo is not opened within 14 days, it will disappear from the chat.

whirlwind data protection about Whatsapp

WhatsApp has been embroiled in controversy over the past few months after privacy advocates warned that new terms of service paved the way for more data sharing with Facebook. WhatsApp rejects it.

Experts classify the new WhatsApp function “View One” as a competitor to the US provider Snap, which became known for the fact that its users can post messages on the Snapchat platform that are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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