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Oh.  Theater Art Award: Megginhoven Theater Victories

Oh. Theater Art Award: Megginhoven Theater Victories

Great atmosphere and high-quality theatrical work: the triumphant Meggenhoven Theater © Meggenhoven Theater

The state of Upper Austria annually awards state awards in various artistic fields in recognition of outstanding artistic and cultural work. State theater art awards play a special role: the jury monitors what happens on the stage throughout the season and decides who shaped the time in their work.

In 2020, according to the jury, this was the Meggenhoven theater with “Brandner Kaspar and Eternal Life”. This production was awarded the State Prize for Dramatic Art. The theater at Kulturfabrik Helfenberg received the Appreciation Award for the production of “Shakespeare in Love”. The theater art award was awarded 7,500 euros, and recognition was 3,500 euros.

In a challenging time, the award winners have made an important and necessary reference to the performing arts of Upper Austria through their productions. Governor Thomas Stelzer congratulates: “The cultural region of Upper Austria is known for its diverse and exceptional performances in theatres. The awarding of theater art awards distinguishes excellent performance on our stages and brings the people who make up these productions to the curtain.”

“Humour and Seriousness”

The jury justified its assessment as follows: The Meggenhoven Theater under the artistic direction of Fritz Egger was not one of the first free cultural institutions with its own production approaching public audacity.

“But Martin Loethep’s production triumphed both artistically and in content, because great humor featured tremendous earnestness and great timing. With the audience’s participation, a powerful piece of folk theater was created that never succumbed to the temptation to push the tube.

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In Meggenhoven, a troupe with a good sense of the audience’s heartbeat succeeded in establishing itself without thanks or betrayal of the performing arts. The carefully built production facility was worth every kilometer of the trip.”

With “Shakespeare in Love,” Kulturfabrik Helfenberg was able to “play in a new outdoor setting at Piberstein Castle.” The theatrical troupe of 16 transported the audience into the world of Shakespeare, where the nearly two-hour show with a wonderful backdrop made summer theater at the highest level.”

Governor Stelzer will award Theater Art Awards on Monday, December 6, from 3:30 p.m. at Schauspielhaus Linz.