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Olaf Scholes, who? Almost no one in the United States is interested in the traffic light man

Visit to Washington: Olaf Scholes, who? No one in the United States was interested in our traffic light man

The final review round is over and the traffic light parties have reached an agreement. A few hours ago, Olaf Scholes was still in the United States. The SPD candidate for president is staying in Washington for a day and a half – as finance minister. But almost no one was interested in the German traffic light man.

During his stay, the American media paid almost no attention to Shoals. Most Americans do not know the name Scholes – it is unlikely to have changed much after his short trip to the US capital.

The “New York The Times called the “headline Olaf Scholes” winner – but not yet chancellor. “

Scholes in Washington: “It’s hard to say what kind of president he is.”

Describes the Times’ successor as “sociable – but above all organized” Angela Merkel Continues to her readers – but for now she wants to retain more judgments: “It’s very difficult to say what kind of president she will be one day.”

After all, things can get exciting soon in Germany, the daily predicts: “The German political landscape has long been dormant and stable – it will change now.” There is talk of a “chaotic” future: the country is now in turmoil. The “Financial Times” seems to be very positive and praises Scholes as “one of the most talented negotiators”.

Every time he draws parallels with Joe Biden in the American media: Olaf Scholes stands to the right of a significant number of influential party representatives among the Social Democrats, one explains to readers here – the position within the Democratic Party is no different from that of the US President.

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It is questionable whether Biden wants these comparisons. Its acceptance rate is currently very low – according to current opinion polls, Biden’s popularity is currently declining among Democrats’ progressive supporters and moderate and independent voters. While about 53 percent of Americans were satisfied with their presidency in June, the figure is only 44 percent today.

USA: Scholes did not even invite the Vice President

Due to the great concern of democratic political strategists, Biden’s popularity is now declining among regular Democrats, such as African-Americans, Latinos, and women. The similarities emphasized with a moderate social democrat from Germany are unlikely to help the US president much on either side.

Officially, Joe Biden has not yet commented on Olaf Scholes. “Who would have thought that?” The only reaction of the American president was that a journalist called him to predict from Germany on election evening. The meeting with Scholes was not on the agenda for yesterday’s short trip, because Biden must be clear: before he actually takes office as president, an invitation to the White House can only be considered in advance – and interpreted as an interruption in creation. German government.

Above all, Olaf Scholes’ relationship with the US representative is considered good because US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen supports her commitment to a global corporate minimum tax. But if Sholes believes he will meet the vice president during his flight, he will be disappointed again. During her last visit to Washington in June, Kamala Harris canceled the last scheduled meeting. This time she did not call him.

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