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USA: Woman rescues dog from split five days later – News Abroad

Minneapolis State Park (New York) – Fatigue and relief was written on her face, the T-shirt smeared with dirt: Jessica van Art saved the dog Lisa from a depth of twelve meters.

Photos of the American heroine and dog are currently circulating around the world.

What happened? Lisa’s mistress and her twelve-year-old pet were hiking in Minneapolis State Park in New York. The pitch fell into the abyss.

The owner called for help, but none of the park guards came to the animal. Lisa moaned continuously day and night for five. Then the rescue came in the form of Jessica von Art.

Tight Box: Redeemer Van Art was squeezed into this mini breakPhoto: BM / AP

The video shows Lisa trapped

The video shows Lisa trappedPhoto: BM / AP

The woman from the New Jersey Early Response Team – a volunteer task force that assists in search and rescue – was insignificant enough to be pressed into the rift.

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The American went down twelve meters and put a loop around the dog. Along with two other helpers, she was finally able to free Lisa from her predicament. Jessica Van Art stuffed the hood in a rescue bag and brought her back to the surface.

While in prison for five days, the female dog was not alone. A team of assistants was on site, and Lisa watched with a camera. After the rescue it became clear why the animal was healthy: the clever four-legged friend licked the wet stone, apparently taking care of himself with the liquid.

After being rescued, Lisa came to her happy mistress. It is not yet known why the dog fell into the ditch. It is mandatory to actually have a rope at “Minnevaska State Park”.

The park is located 140 kilometers north of New York City and is a popular destination for Big Apple residents.

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