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Olio dei Papi – Oil of the Popes


Trusted by the Popes for centuries now and made from the choicest trees of the Pontine Hills and the Frosinone province, Olio dei Papi (Oil of the Popes) is more than just a brand of olive oil.

Olio dei Papi is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold extracted from only the best Olive produce. The olives are fresh-pressed by hand, ensuring their excellent quality remains intact. This process, combined with exclusive mechanical extraction makes sure that the oil maintains its uniqueness.

Today, Olio dei Papi is the supplier of Vatican City, having accreditation from the Register of Suppliers of Vatican City. This year, on the 22nd of June, the founder of Olio Dei Papi, Mr. Domenico Sperlonga was privileged to meet Pope Francis. He presented the Pope with the Oil of the Popes, and a publication containing historical research. He received the blessings of the Pope and his best wishes.

You can take a look at the unique line of products that Olio dei Papi produces on their website. They have special discounts available on gift hampers! Give your loved ones a gift of tradition, history, and the goodness of olives now.

History of the Oil

Historical research has helped rediscover the ancient roots of Olio De Papi. It is said that in Southern Latium, large swaths of Olive Trees were planted by the Papal State. People of Latium, have stories carried forward from their ancestors that describe how these Olive Trees came about.

In the 18th century, the Papal States initiated great historical reforms. On 21st April 1778, Pope Pius started a prize of one Paulo coin for anyone who planted an Olive tree. This resulted in a vast area of land being planted with Olive Trees.

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Before the Papal Incentive Plan, farmers used to produce Olives only for their own personal consumption. But, today, nearly 300 years after the plan was initiated, these trees constitute an important part of the  Pontine Hills and Frosinone Province.

Excellent Quality, Always

Olio Dei Papi has special arrangements and agreements with its suppliers and producers so that there’s no compromise on any international standards of safety. These arrangements have provided small businesses with the incentive to continue in the oil business. Therefore, Olio Dei Papi has contributed in terms of keeping alive an age long tradition.

At Olio Dei Papi, the highest standards are always maintained, and a close eye is kept to make sure the product meets our precise specifications. The produce is checked for any defects before passing on to the next stage of processing. No compromises are made, only the best quality Olive Oil is packed and distributed,

All packages of Oil of the Popes come with the special feature of traceability! Our products come with a lot number. With this number, you can find out the origin, the production area, the milling mill, and in some cases the name of the producer and even the olive grove of each product of Oil of the Pope. Just enter the number on our website and get all the information you need!