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Oliver Bucher complains: 'The situation is getting worse every day'

Oliver Bucher complains: ‘The situation is getting worse every day’

Oliver Bucher found clear words on the topic of political correctness. BUILD: IMAGOO IMAGES / IMAGE OF THE FUTURE

‘Scissors in the head’: Oliver Bucher sees himself tied up on stage

Oliver Bucher Always available for controversial ads. So he recently took over Instagram For example, Kathy Hummels was targeted when she announced that she would be gender-neutral in the future language Application. In the talk of the “image”08:15“It was now so explicitly about political correctness that the comedian found clear words. In addition, a completely different topic was taken up: the 43-year-old’s retirement pension.

Oliver Bucher talks about self-censorship

“What is comedy allowed to do nowadays?” asks Bucher on the set, which also featured Sofia Tomala and Bild head policy, Jan Schaefer. for him Opinion There should be no limits to humor. “It should be possible to make fun of politically incorrect things,” he demanded. In his view, this is (no longer) easily possible at the moment – at least you risk a storm of bullshit in social networks. Pocher complained:

A father of five also complained of a “movement towards the abolition of culture”. They also mentioned that he now has “scissors in his head” that always prevents him from saying things in public. It was a bitter epilogue “things are getting worse every day”, while the black humor is “liberating.” Anyway, making humor “naturally” became more difficult.

Pocher can only expect a small pension

But there’s more bad news for him, too, as the comedian recently wrestled with his current statutory pension entitlement. Result: “Currently I get 300 to 400 euros”. As a reason, Bucher cites that not much is paid in the statutory retirement system, only some acting jobs require a deposit.

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“The pension system cannot be maintained at all – everyone knows that”Pocher then immediately summarizes and criticizes the fact that topics like this are “completely neglected” in the current election campaign.


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