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OlliOlli World: VOID Riders

OlliOlli World: The first expansion that will take VOID Riders to a distant planet next month

elementary world It was released last February for consoles, including Nintendo Switch, and the computer. This fantasy skateboard adventure takes you to the fictional Radlandia, where you embark on a search for the skate gods as a possible successor to the Skate Wizard. The skill platform managed to impress both the press and players and was mired in high ratings. Now the first of a total of two Paid Extensions to publish.

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Void riders Starts next month on June 15and adds an extraterrestrial visit to the game’s already crazy world. Follow the sightings of strange UFOs in the existing sections, then visit the intergalactic tourists on their home planet! Of course, the wardrobe is also full of the futuristic fashion of the great Nebulord. do you have wheel edition From the main game, you can use VOID Riders without any additional charges. Otherwise, DLC will follow 9.99 € For reservations.

Did you like an elementary world? Will you play VOID Riders first?

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