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Radio Maxfive: Music and information from Meidling for 10 million listeners

Radio Maxfive: Music and information from Meidling for 10 million listeners

Radio Maxfive is now broadcasting the whereabouts of literary giant Donauland’s print business. In addition to music and news, the team is also thinking about the future and virtual reality.

Vienna/Meidling. Radio Maxfive now broadcasts the print business of literary giant Donauland on Niederhofstrasse 37. The success story of this station began in 2002.

“We started with eight people,” program director Christian Doering recalls. Today, there are more than 100 employees at Meidling and supply a total of nine countries with music and information from 12 reporters. In addition to Austria, Radio Maxfive can also be heard in the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia. The team broadcasts not only over the air, but also on City 23, the DAB+ transmitter, the digital successor to FM radio.

“Noise” in Maxfive

What distinguishes this transmitter: it broadcasts to supermarkets, especially Rewe markets, such as Billa, Bipa or Penny. “For us, ‘Rewe first’ applies — but of course we take in other clients,” says Managing Director Michael Teibel. For example, you can hear the station’s music on the Wienerberger or Lagerhaus.

Managing Director Tippl with virtual reality glasses.

Professionals who produce the music themselves are at work. Recently, Julien Le Play was at Maxfive to present his new single “Rauschen”. “Musicians love to come to us — after all, we have 10 million listeners a day,” Tebel says.

for all senses

But the team deals not only with music and news. “We’re also looking into the future,” Tippl reveals. Among other things, the digital avatar is tested at the customer counter. You can ask this virtual number about crying questions, which will then be answered automatically. This way you can have a technical discussion with a digital “wine connoisseur” and receive recommendations.

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Beppe Cogliandro makes music for Italy - from Meidling, of course.

Research is also carried out at Meidling using virtual reality glasses. So you can wear it and see a virtual image, like a supermarket. “Teens can practice how to assess, for example,” Tiebel says. This technology is already used on construction sites.

“We develop solutions for all five senses,” Teeppel says. This research began at Meidlinger Keller. The number five in the name ‘Maxfive’ stands for the five senses. Research is even done on scents on the Niederhofstrasse. But in this area, the Maxfive team is still in its infancy.

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