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Olymp Cars: New electric car brand from Austria at the beginning of the road

Olymp Cars: New electric car brand from Austria at the beginning of the road

The platform is scalable and can accommodate different battery sizes. It has a range of 450-700 kilometers and an output of 350 horsepower. The first vehicle in the range will initially be an electric truck for commercial customers, which will therefore be named Hermes. Also planned: a small compact called Selene, an SUV called Ares and a family truck called Hera. Of course, Skodras makes it clear that you are not a car manufacturer, even if you take the development of vehicles into your own hands with the help of the right experts. The designer, for example, also worked at Volvo and Porsche. You want to remain as European as possible, even if the batteries come from China of course.

The company should be headquartered in Vienna, one partner in Germany awaiting conveyor production, one in Italy for the small conveyor and an Ares should be built in Austria if possible. As far as selling cars is concerned, subscription and direct sales models as well as rental models can be visualized. Second Life’s use of return vehicles is part of the planning. Of course, production must also be sustainable.

If everything goes according to plan, the cars will be presented in the spring of 2023, and production of the Hermes conveyor is supposed to begin in the middle of next year. In addition to SUVs and minivans, sedans called Apollon and Athena and a pickup truck called Artemis are also in preparation. In the future, Olymp Cars vehicles will also run on hydrogen.