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Omikron: free pre-test possible for contact persons

Omikron: free pre-test possible for contact persons


Infection is also possible for people who have been vaccinated

APA / dpa-Zentralbild / Britta Pedersen

Previous free testing can be done with Omikron contacts. (icon image)

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced new rules for people in contact with suspected Omicron cases. The most significant change: Free testing is now possible on the fifth day of quarantine. Otherwise, the quarantine period is ten days.

This is justified by the fact that there is currently no evidence of a longer incubation period for the Omikron variant compared to Delta. Therefore, free testing on the fifth day is justified, as is the case with the delta variant.

Omicron infection in vaccinated subjects

Preliminary studies show that vaccinated/convalidated patients can also develop Omicron. Therefore, downgrading of suspected Omikron vaccinated/recovered persons to Class 2 contact remains unjustified.

(Those: APA)

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