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One person died in severe fires in Sicily

One person died in severe fires in Sicily

700 tourists were transported to safety by boat, and firefighting aircraft are constantly being used.

Severe fires are burning in Sicily. On Saturday, the fire burned mainly in the holiday resort area of ​​Cefalu, where a woman died. The 42-year-old woman, who was traveling with her father and brother to rescue horses from a burning stable, was found dead in a canal near the highway on Friday evening. It was not clear whether the woman suffocated or burned because of the smoke.

Rescue units said that the fires caused by strong winds reached the western coast of Cefalù with a fire front that extended for more than 10 kilometers. Because the fire threatened a hotel in Cefalu, 700 tourists had to be evacuated by boat on Friday evening. They spent the night in a gym.

Fires also burned in an area not far from Palermo. Firefighting planes were constantly used to fight fires. Part of the Palermo-Messina highway had to be closed.

In July, the airport in the Sicilian capital, Palermo, was forced to close for a day due to a major fire. Catania Airport was also closed for several days due to a fire in July, causing major problems. Sicily, the largest island in Italy, is currently experiencing a tourism boom. (Abba)

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