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OnePlus Buds Z2 will be launched on October 13

Shortly after confirming the launch of the 9 RT on October 13, OnePlus announced its first rendering. OnePlus Buds Z2 will accompany the new smartphone next Wednesday. According to OnePlus, Buds Z2 offers high-quality noise cancellation, long battery life, and excellent sound quality. A guide also shared an image on Weibo that confirms the Buds Z2’s previous design leaks.

OnePlus Buds Z2

OnePlus Buds Z2

While Previously leaked performances He already took a closer look at Buds Z2, shows the image of a trusted guide Evan BlassWhat to expect from the retail package. Buds Z2 is delivered in a red and white retail box containing the usual papers, charging cables and additional tips. The charging case for Buds Z2 appears to have a glossy surface.

The label on the retail packaging confirms that the pouch contains a 520mAh battery that is said to provide 31 hours of runtime. Each bud is claimed to have a 40mAh cell, which is enough for seven hours of runtime with the ANC turned off.

The rest of the rumored features of the Buds Z2 include an IP55 rating, Bluetooth 5.2, Dolby Atmos, and fast charging. 10 minutes should be enough for five hours of playing time. Some official teasers should come before the unveiling on October 13th.

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