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CitizenCon 2951 takes place today

CitizenCon 2951 takes place today

This afternoon (from 5 PM), CitizenCon 2951 will be available in digital form via Twitch to speak. Cloud Imperium Games promises with an opening speech from Development Director Chris Roberts, deep-dive panels (dynamic ecosystem, server network, planetary tools, spaceship updates), discussions, announcements, goodies and community contests all around. Star Citizen. You can find the event overview page Here.

“For all of us at CIG, CitizenCon is a time of revitalization when we celebrate with our community and feel energized by their enthusiasm for Star Citizen. We lost it last year and are thrilled to bring it back, even as an all-digital show.”Chris Roberts, Creative Director. “CitizenCon represents the soul of our passionate community. Together with our players, we are building the most ambitious and expansive game development project in history. There has been nothing quite like Star Citizen in terms of scale, scope and support from a growing player base that believes in our vision. This year’s CitizenCon represents our opportunity. To share our work and progress with our growing community and we can’t wait to show everyone what’s coming for Star Citizen.”

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