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Opening in Jennersdorf: A good beer deserves a great glass

Opening in Jennersdorf: A good beer deserves a great glass

Jennersdorf. The official opening of the Franz-Josef-Brauerei am Bahnhofring has been coming for a long time, but last Friday it was about time. In addition to the brewery, the building at Bahnhofring 19 now houses a brew shop and glass calibrator “Ing. Andreas Huber OG”. In addition to the finest quality beers, wines, and beverages, customers have the opportunity to purchase matching mugs and flasks. “With a personal engraving, any piece of glass can be turned into a very personal gift,” explains professional glassmaker Andreas Huber, who, with his business partner Sascha Kirschner, supplies calibrated glasses to Austrian gastronomy. “Whether it’s a handwritten dedication on a beer mug or mug, or a family motto on a whiskey decanter or jug, there is no limit to individuality and imagination,” says Sascha Kirschner.

Best beer quality

Brewery and brewery owner Franz Josef Windisch supplies local gastronomy, but also eastern Styria with excellent beer. According to Windisch, ancient craftsmanship and a lot of brewing experience are essential to making good beer. “My goal is to preserve true values ​​and maintain contact with the country and the people,” the master brewer assures. “Connoisseurs of good beer are the focus of my effort.”

Grand opening

Guests from near and far came to offer their congratulations. Mayor Reinhard Deutsch and Federal Chancellor Bernhard Herzsee brought greetings from the City and State Council, such as Josef Krupp and Katharina Bagde of the Chamber of Commerce. After the works were blessed by the canonical priest Franz Prie, “Grenzlandchor” performed some of the songs under the direction of Sigi Schwaiger. The physical well-being of the guests was well taken care of, and the “Dorfbradler” and “Kistenfleisch” provided the musical accompaniment to the successful festival.

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