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Sustainability – Eggenburg companies rely on biodiesel

Sustainability – Eggenburg companies rely on biodiesel

The traditional Eggenburg companies Leidenfrost-Pool and KFZ Technik Meisterservice Küttner contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They rely on EnergieDirect’s HVO100 renewable fuel for their fleet – thus saving up to 90 percent on greenhouse gas emissions and thus protecting the environment.

This fuel is made from 100 percent renewable raw material, hydrogenated vegetable oil. It can also refuel in Eggenburg. Because the Küttner automobile company not only uses fuel for itself, but also offers refueling with renewable HVO100 to selected customers at its own corporate filling station. “We want to enable others to take a step towards sustainability,” says company president Richard Kuttner.

No expensive conversions required

By the way: you can also drive “normal” diesel cars with this fuel. “It is fully compatible with all diesel engines. In terms of the chemical composition of the fuel, it is comparable to fossil diesel,” explains Martin Garmer from EnergieDirect. Dropped fuel can be used without vehicle modifications. This means that no expensive conversions are necessary for the two companies and they can immediately and sustainably reduce their CO2 emissions significantly.

By the way, from April the municipality of Eggenburg will also use this innovative fuel. Part of the fleet will operate on this fuel in the future. “As a municipality, it is of course important for us to make our contribution to sustainability and environmental protection,” says Mayor George Gilley. Therefore, that part of the fleet where possible was converted to the new fuel.