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Opening in Klagenfurt |  The fort becomes a million-euro “event platform”.

Opening in Klagenfurt | The fort becomes a million-euro “event platform”.

“That has never happened in my life,” said Rene Schuhs and Christian Aigner when they first received an offer to take over Bollwerk in Klagenfurt in the summer. “What should we do with the big disco?” “The fort also has a bad reputation,” their fear was. But one look at the famous disco at Sodering in Klagenfurt was enough to change her mind.

Shortly before the opening, the new “Event Stage – Powered by GIG” sparkles with new splendor. The basic structure remains the same, and the biggest change can be seen right at the entrance: sparkling floors, ceilings and walls lead party guests into the heart of the disco, the dance area of ​​approximately 1,000 square metres. This is framed by several LED walls and a 360 degree LED wall above the large bar. The new entrance area alone cost the bosses of the GIG bars in Klagenfurt and Velden around €300,000.

Themed activities for all age groups

Clearly, Shoahs and Aigner want to move away from the old fort. “Juvenile Days” is more flashy without sounding pretentious. Dom Pérignon and beer flow side by side. “There is something here to suit both large and small budgets,” Schuhs promises. The evenings, which always have a different motto, are also different. R&B events are aimed at young people aged 16 and over, while music-themed evenings from the 70s, 80s and 90s must be open to audiences aged 21 and over. “We want to offer something for all age groups and carry it with us,” says Schuhs. But one thing is certain: the one-euro parties no longer exist, and you can no longer buy a splash of water for €2.90.

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Tanzstadl has also been given a new life. This is saying goodbye to Mallorca towards Kitzbühel. “We want to move away from Ballermann and orient ourselves more towards the threshing floor.” The barn usually operates independently of the program in the club area. Using a dividing wall, it is possible to divide both areas and thus provide two party locations for approximately 1,200 guests on weekends.

The AI ​​system helps in monitoring

The bad “Fort image” and the agents associated with it must remain outside. 44 cameras capture every license plate in the parking lot and every face in the club. An AI-powered surveillance system helps in weeding out troublemakers. “If anyone causes tension, they will be kicked out and will not be able to come back.” Multiple security staff also monitor everything, and a dedicated “GIG Security Car” shuttles guests to their cars or public transportation, free of charge.

The gastronomy experts are investing more than one million euros in their new project. Although they have already gained a lot of knowledge with their GIG club in Velden, “we still lack experience in this league,” says Schuhs. They get help from the “Event Stage” in Krems, where the duo gets ideas and advice. Up to 40 staff members are hired to celebrate throughout the summer. Events are coordinated with V-Club in Villach so guests are not stolen from each other. Schoah and Aigner’s goal is to attract the entire Lower Carinthia region to their “event days” starting Saturday.