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Sarah Engels: her daughter appears on Instagram

Not only for her, but also for her fans, this was the best news of the past year – Sarah Engels became a mother for the second time.

Sarah Engels: Ibtihaj with her daughter Solya

Their daughter, Sulia, was born just before Christmas. Sarah Engels continues to keep in touch with her fans and allows them to share the happiness of their parents. But so far, Sarah and her husband Julian have not shown the face of their daughter.

Sarah Engels: Now there’s a picture

Now her husband Julian has posted a photo in an Instagram story that shows him with his daughter in his arms. A part of Sulia’s face could be seen. Of course, fans hope that one or another image will be seen in the future. But the family constellation should also arouse the curiosity of the masses – how does everyone get along? Because Pietro Lombardi is the father of Sarah’s son Alessio. But there should be no problems between Petro and Julian. They even get along so well that Julian takes care of Alessio, while Pietro has already announced that he will also be there for Sarah’s daughter Sulia. With Sarah Engels, the blended family concept seems to work perfectly.

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