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Opening of gold production in Korneuburg –

Opening of gold production in Korneuburg –

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Local gold and precious metals dealer Philoro has opened its new factory in Korneuburg. The company wants to process up to 120 tons of gold there annually. The factory will create 100 new job opportunities, and 300 people will work at the site.

Rudolf Brenner, the administrative director, said on Wednesday, according to what was reported by the radio network, that a new area of ​​​​35 thousand square meters is being stormed in the town located near Vienna. “Now we are not just a trader, but also a producer,” Brenner says. 100 new jobs will be created, including headquarters and logistics and there will be 300.

When it comes to sustainability, Managing Director René Bruckler highlighted, among other things, an extensive photovoltaic system and an enclosed restroom. In addition to up to 120 tons of gold and up to 140 tons of silver, platinum and palladium can also be smelted and processed in Korneuburg. The production process has been continuing since September “from recycling to 100 percent recycled bars made in Korneuburg.”

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Veloro demonstrated the project in the Lower Austria town in June 2022 and estimated the investment in the first expansion phase of the refinery and production plant at 60 million euros. Founded in 2011, the precious metals trading company operates branches not only in Austria, but also in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as an online store.

“An exceptional project”

“Gold is being produced in Lower Austria for the first time,” state governor Johanna Mikkel-Leitner (ÖVP) said about the “extraordinary project” in Korneuburg. She also noted that between January and November, 81 new companies settled in the state or expanded their locations. Mayor Christian Gibb (ÖVP) expressed his delight not only about “making gold in Korneuburg” but also “about the commitment to sustainability of a company of this size.”

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