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Optimus futuristic vision: Tesla robot and Neuralink: the combination could be revolutionary | newsletter

?? Last week, Tesla announced plans to develop a humanoid robot
?? Tesla Bot should be able to do light tasks
?? Healthcare and Nursing can benefit greatly

tesla bot

Elon Musk And his companies have always championed fearless innovation. In addition to electric vehicles, space activities and the development of a device for brain-computer communication, a humanoid robot called “Optimus” has now been added. The Tesla robot is meant to be a universally viable, bipedal, human-like robot that can take on repetitive and boring tasks or dangerous tasks. He must be able to carry out spoken instructions and also perform tasks for which he was not previously trained or programmed. “It is said that the robot is friendly and inferior to humans, so you can escape or beat it if problems arise,” Musk joked. I hope that this will never happen The robot can, for example, pick up purchases or help in the family. But it can also do a chore in the industrial sector and thus provide added economic value.

healthcare applications?

In addition to the above applications, the Tesla Bot can also play an important role in healthcare. Sai Balasubramanian, physician and staff member of the business magazine Forbes, cites nursing home as an example. As more and more people rely on healthcare, robots can help here as well. It can monitor people in need of care, assist them in everyday situations or alert the responsible authorities in the event of an emergency. People’s quality of life can be improved with a daily assistant who is ubiquitous and the medical staff can rest.

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Tesla robot in combination with Neuralink

Neuralink is a company founded by Elon Musk and eight other people in 2016. The company aims to develop an invasive neural prosthesis, that is, a small interface that is implanted in the brain. A major application area is helping paralyzed people regain some independence by controlling computers, mobile devices, or even robots. Neural activity should enable people to operate computers or, for example, give commands to a robot. Here it becomes clear what great potential can be found in the revolutionary ideas of Elon Musk. Of course, potential applications can also extend beyond the medical application field. Until then, there is still a lot of work to be done on both the Tesla Bot and Neuralink. Time will tell how effective, safe and feasible the innovations of the Tesla boss are. Editorial Team

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Image sources: Sergio Monti Photography /, Justin Sullivan / Getty Images