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Orca lost in the Seine - supposed to be tempted by whale sounds in the sea

Orca lost in the Seine – supposed to be tempted by whale sounds in the sea

It is an unusual sight. The Orca has been observed in the Seine, one of the longest rivers in France, for several weeks. Poachers noticed the stray animal in the English Channel. In a last-ditch rescue attempt, the animal is now lured by the sounds of whales and directed toward the sea. The prefecture in charge of Seine Maritime, based in Rouen, said Friday evening after consultations with experts, that a drone would monitor the operation. The animal, which lives near the northern French coast, always swims back and forth and not towards the sea. Orcas are very weak and have little chance of surviving.

The noise method avoids close-range operation of the ship, which can increase the stress level of the animal. According to the Marine Mammal Research Group (GEEC), the whale was first seen in early April by the crew of a fishing vessel about 30 kilometers off the coast of Normandy. Since then, orcas have been repeatedly spotted along the coast, in the mouth of the Seine and even 60 kilometers upstream in the Seine near Yainville.

different interpretations

A GEEC expert explained that orcas are most common off the coasts of Scotland, Iceland and Norway, and further south in the Atlantic Ocean in the Bay of Biscay. However, the video recordings obtained from the fishing boat are clear. There is no doubt that it is an orca.

There is speculation that the whale strayed into the English Channel because it was sick and could feed more easily in the calm waters there. It may also be a small animal that has left its pack and is now isolated.

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