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Order suspension for Model 3 version: Tesla has delivery issues in the US

Order suspension for Model 3 version: Tesla has delivery issues in the US

Order the freeze for the Model 3 version
Tesla has delivery problems in the US

Tesla customers in the US cannot currently order the mid-range Model 3. Elon Musk Justifies Stop Order on Long Waiting List However, customers may have to wait even longer for another model.

Tesla will temporarily not offer the Model 3 in the midsize variant in North America. CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the waiting list is very long. The version will be reissued as production ramps up. However, as reported by “Teslamag”, there is a certain discrepancy.

In the Tesla configurator for North America, the Model 3 can only be ordered as a base or performance version, which means that it is no longer “long-range”. The middle model 3 is still shown in the configurator, but is no longer selectable. It’s now under the other two categories with the “Available in 2023” mention.

“Teslamag” considers this result surprising, as the estimated delivery time for model Y specified in the configurator went further into the future. For the “Model Y Performance,” Tesla announced September delivery for the U.S., but for the “long range,” it will be available as soon as January, perhaps not until July. In China, the mid-size Model 3 disappeared from the constructor without comment a year ago and has not yet returned, Tesla experts write.

Only the Model 3 is offered in a true base version with a smaller battery and rear-wheel drive. The Model Y, Model S and Model X each have the same battery, but the most powerful driver in the lineup. There’s now a gap in the middle with the Model 3, while Tesla doesn’t offer an entry-level version for the other three models.

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