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Tesla Model 3 Long Range: Orders are no longer possible in the US

Had to do it in America Tesla Now pull the ripcord and narrow down the ordering options for the Model 3. That means the Model 3 Long Range can no longer be ordered. There are delivery issues, and it can be assumed that restrictions will follow.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range goes on sale in 2022

Offer for that Model 3 on the Tesla website Only in the US and Canada is the long-haul version available as an option so far. So if you want to choose a Model 3 right now, you only have to choose between the performance model or the simple model with rear-wheel drive and “fixed range.”

According to the website, the popular long-range model won’t be offered again until 2023, and the ordering option is grayed out. Other Model 3 variants are currently available and scheduled for delivery between October and December 2022.

Tesla perceives a significant demand for the vehicle and cannot produce it fast enough to sell it. At least that’s the Tesla founder’s explanation Elon Musk. On Twitter, he commented on the question of why the Model 3 with the biggest range wasn’t available:

According to Musk, the waiting list is especially long for this configuration. “We will reactivate them as we ramp up production,” he explained. Tesla has long struggled with supply and demand issues, which reinforces Musk’s view.

New industries should help

“Tesla has a supply problem, not a demand problem.” The automaker is struggling with long order books for both the Model 3 and Model Y. Two new manufacturing facilities in Austin, Texas and Brandenburg, Germany will help solve Tesla’s manufacturing problems worldwide. But that didn’t happen as quickly as Tesla would have liked. When both factories are fully upgraded, Tesla’s production capacity will increase by another million units, it said. No word yet on when that will happen.

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Additionally, Tesla still has unspecified delivery issues. Over the past few months, there have been regular reports of parts going missing, leading to vehicles being sold without them. USB connectors shipped.
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Electric Cars, Tesla, Tesla Motors, E-Car, Model 3, Tesla Model 3
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